6th August 2012

I regret to announce that we have had to cancel performances of Rime until further notice.

After the last two days’ success, today couldn’t have been any more unexpected. The cast were feeling positive, our audiences have enjoyed our work and we were all set for another great show. Unfortunately, during the last phase of our warm up, during which the cast usually go through a number of the more technical moves in the show, there was a miscommunication whist practicing a trick called a “Lazy Back Somersault” In this move both Tomos James and Nich Galzin throw Aislinn Grech into the air where she turns through 270˚ to be caught by Nich and Tomos lying flat on her belly. Due to the miscommunication, she was not thrown correctly and as she was caught her knee impacted  with Nich’s head.

Aislinn walked away with no injuries, but Nich’s eye was extremely swollen so we rushed him to A&E and it turns out he has a fractured eye socket and will have to see a specialist in the next few days for further assessment.

At this point we’re uncertain about what this means for the continuation of our performances. I will post more information here as it comes and please ask the Summerhall box office for more information.