Jean-Daniel Broussé


Jean-Daniel Broussé is from Pau, a small city in the south west of France, near Auch where the famous Circa Circus Festival takes place every year. He initially came to London to study history and literature, when he came across an acrobatic course at Roundhouse Studios. He continued his training at the Circus Space in London where he specialised in Icarian Games (foot juggling) and acrobactics. After his graduation he decided to focus his training on Hand to Hand acrobatics with his performance partner Nikki Rummer. He is interested in exploring how to generate acrobatic movement out of a more theatrically and emotionally genuine way, prioritizing narrative expression over simple demonstration of skill.

Jean-Daniel is one of the founding members of the Roundhouse Circus Company now called Square Peg. He also performs regularly for a range of London’s cabaret venues.