4-star review in Whatsonstage ****


Anne Morley-Priestman write a lovely review of Rime at Cambridge Junction: (…) Visually it’s a stunning piece of theatre, marrying circus skills with song, dialogue, dance and mime as well as evocative costuming.[…]

A sense of the other-worldly pervades it, reminding us that land-dwellers’ relationship with the sea is never a straightforward business. So the albatross, thoughtlessly slaughtered, also stands for the death of innocence at many levels, including the human one. That fragile compact between earth, wood and water is always a fluid one.

There’s a sense that the story of the raft of the Medusa with its terrible undercurrent of cannibalism some 20 years after Coleridge’s poem was published has been incorporated into the story.

The dockyard and below-decks scenes are highly stylised and yet realistic; as the ship sets sail, the skills required of its crew parallel those of the performers themselves.

Thank you Anne!