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What the people said

12th April 2012

After our two performances at the Roundhouse Last week we recieved a couple of emails with great feedback about Rime… here they are:

I came to see your production of the Ancient Mariner today at the Roundhouse.  


Roll and go

7th April 2012


After what was an extremely busy few days prior to the doors opening, the two performances of Rime at the Roundhouse Circus Festival were a great success!

Both nights were sold out and the audience response


True Colours

4th April 2012

I’m writing this now after three days in the Speigle tent which has been built behind the roundhouse for the 2012 Roundhouse Circus Festival.

The rigging build went smoothly and quickly thanks to Brian and Jo from


Home to the Roundhouse

1st April 2012

This afternoon we moved Rime into storage at the Roundhouse, ready for our getin tomorrow.

We’re all very excited to come back to the Roundhouse Circus Festival again. Not withstanding the amazing long-term support we get as


Ship Shape

31st March 2012

So there it is… eight weeks of cold hard work and it’s all ready to go. Packed down and ready to be picked up.

Tomorrow morning we roll wagons to the Roundhouse for the first public outing


Sound On

27th March 2012

After a minor panic Tim has taken on the sound track with a little help from Franco Ross Adams at Solo Flights of Thought ( who has come on board to help with some of


Sound off

25th March 2012

Bad news today. After a couple of months of work, many meetings and a lot of good noises, our sound designer has pulled out without warning.

If only this news could have come next week, it’d be


Taken shape

22nd March 2012

After Seven weeks of dancing, acrobatics, poetry, song, frozen fingers and warm soup the final order of the show is up on the wall, just in time to run it a few times before showing the public.


Tall times

15th March 2012

Here’s a nice Image from Square Peg’s training today.

Aislinn Grech on top
Nich “the buffer” Galzin in the middle
Tomos James taking the strain


The Rigging Takes Shape

10th March 2012

An enormous THANK YOU to Maurycy Kowalski and Quim Turner pictured above making some of the rigging equipment for Rime. Their help wiht designing and making our rigging and their endless good will has been invaluable!